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Freelance Web Designer
and Visual Designer

1997 - 2022 Over 20 years of experience

Freelance Web Designer E-commerce website designer

I offer my advice to Companies and Professionals who intend to invest in their online presence and / or in renewing their branding, providing highly professional solutions and services. Professional in the sector since 1997 with a design studio in Milan and Rome.

Freelance Web Designer
Websites development and E-commerce
Websites development and E-commerce

I create and develop fast, interactive websites, optimized with the latest SEO techniques with great attention to the graphic layout. I also develop Ecommerce sites based on the Shopify platform, making you autonomous in content management.

Grafica Coordinata Corporate Identity
Coordinated Graphics

I collaborate with my Clients to create a corporate image for online and print publication that can help them stand out from their competitors. I offer logo design, poster design, brochure, powerpoint presentations and business card.

Graphik Design Freelance Web Designer

Freelance Web Designer and Visual Designer in Italy

I deal with the planning and design of web products, their architecture up to testing and putting them online.

The E-commerce solutions I offer allow you to manage your virtual store with extreme ease.

I work on the design of a product, studying colors, fonts and layouts best suited to enhance the image of a company.

Your website will be best indexed according to the keywords that are important to you.

Professional website creation, Shopify Ecommerce and coordinated graphics


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Create something unique and original

Coordinated graphics for your company

I can help you create and / or strengthen your Brand through a Coordinated Graphics (Corporate Identy) while staying focused on the mission of your Company, adhering to the standards and guidelines it supports. Through professional software I will be able to idealize and produce captivating images able to correctly communicate the values of your company to potential customers. All communication tools must be consistent with each other in order to be able to transmit the fundamental values on which your company is founded.

Coordinated Graphics

Realization of professional websites

Web Designer with over 20 years of experience

The design of a website and its development are very different from what they were a couple of years ago. New technologies, features, styles and trends require you to think differently about how to design your site. You need to focus carefully on the design of your website which must be clean and targeted. Furthermore, it is essential, if not mandatory, to adopt the latest design methodology: responsive web design. This design approach adapts a website to the format and device used by the visitor in order to make their interaction with it as simple as possible. By using an effective and professional website, companies can focus their interests and invest part of their budget on creating a website, saving money and resources and better integrating their marketing campaigns.

Web Designer Freelance

Seo Specialist

Creation of websites optimized for search engines

Combining SEO and Web Design is difficult because there are many factors to consider on both sides. There are constant discussions between design, content, programming, marketing and optimization techniques. A good web designer must be able to organize everything. The vast majority of web browsing passes (and remains) through search engines. How to increase visits and find customers on the web? The natural positioning on search engines (SEO) is the best weapon to promote the site, attract interested visitors and acquire new customers at low cost per contact compared to other media. SEO activities are necessary for the success of your web marketing activities on search engines.

Search engine optimization
Creation of an effective website indexed on search engines

Freelance Web Designer specialized in the creation and implementation of professional websites

My team and I are specialized in the design, creation and implementation of mobile friendly websites for individuals or companies. Whatever your business, we are able to design websites for small and medium-sized businesses with the aim of offering customized solutions. Among the various web design services I also offer the service of development of complete Ecommerce sites, of restyling of existing sites, creation of brand identity.

My support does not stop at just the website, I can also provide services ranging from domain registration and email associated with them to Hosting solutions or dedicated servers or from the creation of simple static sites to very complex dynamic websites.

Moreover I offer the SEO optimization service which includes positioning on search engines or Web Marketing and creation of landing pages.

Freelance Web Designer a Milano e Roma specializzato nella creazione e realizzazione siti web professionali
Unity is strength ...
When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
Alessio Troyli
Web and Visual Design, Ecommerce, Seo.


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