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Positioning and Indexing on
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SEO Ottimizzazione Motori di Ricerca
Website optimization in search engines

SEO Specialist, website optimization in search engines

SEO is the English acronym for Search Engine Optimization and indicates all the optimization activities of a website aimed at improving its positioning and indexing in the organic results of search engines such as Google and Bing. The five main legal activities that I am able to offer to my Clients in order to obtain good results are:

  • Market and Competitors Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Content Promotion
  • Monitoring of Results
Unique and quality content created to attract the greatest number of visitors

SEO Copywriting

The SEO copywriting service that I am able to offer you is the protagonist in the creation of positioning and indexing strategies.

It consists in the drafting of unique and quality texts able to be best received by search engines as much as by visitors to your website. Basically it is based on the perfect encounter between the work of the classic copywriter, or the writing of persuasive and creative texts, necessary to convey the strength of your Company message, and that of an SEO Specialist, or an expert in the SEO field who creates strategies aimed at to the positioning of the site thanks to the optimization of the pages for certain keywords. In positioning strategies on search engines, the content of the site, from product sheets to news articles, is the most important part and that must be taken care of with greater attention to be able to position your website in the best possible way.

Monitoraggio Risultati Google Analytics

Monitoring and presentation of results with Google Analytics

Thanks to the features of Google Analytics, me and my experts, we can evaluate every component of a website or Ecommerce system, in particular the positioning and indexing of pages on Google.

Through this service we can provide our customers who request it, a monthly report that includes constant monitoring of the website showing them the statistics and data relating to all accesses and visits. The data is shown with graphs and tables in a very clear way to facilitate understanding. In the analysis of your website, great importance will be given to the evaluation from an SEO perspective that optimizes and indexes your website or some of its pages. The report that will be formulated will have the primary purpose of discovering the strengths and weaknesses from an SEO perspective. This service offered by me is very important in certain areas as the incorrect periodic analysis of your web platform could preclude a slice of traffic on the site.

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