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Corporate Identity
Freelance Graphic Designer

The importance of having a coordinated corporate image.
Building Corporate Identity to distinguish you from your competitors

In our times, to have a leading role in the market it is important to have a clear and defined identity. Creating a coordinated corporate image allows, through the diffusion of a coherent message, to gradually determine the recognition of the Company. My experience and expertise ensures that your Corporate Identity, built together with your contribution, will live up to the best marketing products used by large companies. For this reason the creation of such a delicate and important tool for your company must be left in the hands of a professional graphic designer. I am available for a cognitive meeting at your company or in my studio in Milan and Rome.

Creazione Immagine Aziendale
Corporate logo design
The first step from which to start is the logo design, an element that identifies the Corporate Identity.

Company Logos and Trademarks. Logo design is essential to express the strength of your company

My creativity, talent and twenty-year experience as a Graphic Designer, can contribute to the development of new marketing ideas for your business. A company must first of all have its own distinctive trait in order to stand out from its competitors, or its own logo or company mark. Your logo should be creative and original and may consist of an emblem, signs or symbols. The world of work is enormously competitive and consists of thousands of logos but only a few of them manage to survive to become famous. Ultimately the design of the ideal logo must be able to create emotions, to stimulate your visual attention and above all to remain well imprinted in the memory.

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Another step to follow in Corporate Identity.

Building Company catalogs and brochures

Brochures and catalogs are the strong point of marketing initiatives. Their purpose is not only to inform the customer about the products or services offered, but also to emphasize the fact that you can offer a cheaper offer than competitors. My approach to their design revolves around these concepts and is based on a fundamental element: your contribution. My experience and expertise ensures that the brochure and the catalog that I can create for you will live up to the best marketing products used by large companies, with the advantage that you will pay only a fraction of the price they spend on their marketing paper.

Showcase Web & Graphic Design
Powerpoint Presentation

Building Professional PowerPoint Presentation

I'm specialize in creating professional PowerPoint presentations for companies and professionals who want an immersive presentation of impact and success. My Graphic Designer service is distinguished by the quality and speed of presentation of Conferences, Company Presentations and Project Presentations. At my Studio in Milan and Rome I am available to show you many projects of companies that have purchased this service. Main advantages in adopting a digital brochure:

  • Simplicity in sending by e-mail
  • Complete control over contents
  • Use of hyperlinks
  • Implementation of graphs and tables
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Me and my collaborators combine our web development skills with our design skills and Seo specialization in order to propose solutions that can best meet your expectations.


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Working in a team that has been known for more than 10 years is always an advantage for our customers. Experience, creativity and technical know-how are focused to best meet your needs.


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I'm always updated on the times and the ways of communication, on news in technologies and tools oriented to the world of the web to always offer you the best on the market.


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I am a freelance web designer and graphic designer who is reliable, knowledgeable, competent and with over 20 years of experience. My work process is based on my professionalism and my team.

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